54 Marsh Wall — Redevelopment

Nestled within an area of high development — a 5-minute walk from the financial centre of Canary Wharf — lies 54-58 Marsh Wall. Architects Rolfe Judd have big plans for the intricately shaped plot. Current approved planning permission looks set to turn the current commercial buildings into an interestingly designed upmarket residential complex. The two… Continue reading 54 Marsh Wall — Redevelopment

Canary Wharf average salaries

Canary Wharf is a small private estate, famous for housing a considerable proportion of the U.K.’s banking and financial technology sectors. As a result, there are many questions surrounding who works there, and what they earn! One question that’s frequently asked — how much is the average Canary Wharf salary? Unsurprisingly Canary Wharf is significantly… Continue reading Canary Wharf average salaries

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South Quay Masterplan

Last Updated on April 2, 2021 by CanaryDevelopmentAdmin There are plenty of new Canary Wharf buildings, and thousands of future homes in the pipeline. One key driver of the placement of new buildings across the Isle of dogs, are area masterplans. These masterplans provide a framework for areas identified for high-density new development. They guide… Continue reading South Quay Masterplan

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Vetro London

Last Updated on March 16, 2021 by CanaryDevelopmentAdmin Is this the UK’s poshest Premier Inn? Vetro London is a 30-storey mixed-use tower a stone’s throw from Canary Wharf. A mixture of luxury apartments alongside a 400-room hotel, the development previously known as Westferry Quarter Tower is located in West India Quay immediately adjacent to Westferry… Continue reading Vetro London

Phoenix Heights — Canary Wharf

4 Mastmaker road — branded Phoenix Heights — is a mixed-use residential development located immediately south of Canary Wharf in E14. It was a combined project between major developer Ballymore, and One Housing Group. With the development of Ballymore’s first ultra-luxury property Pan Peninsula nearby, this development held the bulk of the affordable housing required… Continue reading Phoenix Heights — Canary Wharf

Glengall Quay — Millharbour

Glengall Quay is the name for an upcoming development, located between 49-59 Millharbour in the central Isle of Dogs. The development takes its name from Glengall Bridge, the bridge situated adjacent to the site that crosses Millwall Inner dock. Accepted on appeal in December 2018, the proposals involve two towers of 26 and 30-storeys, comprising… Continue reading Glengall Quay — Millharbour

225 Marsh Wall

Designed by Make Architects, 225 Marsh Wall — rebranded Halcyon London in early 2021 — is a high-rise residential tower under development to the south-east of the Canary Wharf estate in Cubitt Town. The Neighbouring tower, The Madison, currently stands alone as the tallest tower in this northeastern section of the Isle of Dogs, however… Continue reading 225 Marsh Wall

Quay House Canary Wharf

Quay House — sometimes known as One South Quay — is a future waterfront development, located immediately south of the Canary Wharf estate overlooking South Dock. Previously rejected in 2014, new planning permission for the site obtained in 2020, with minor amendments currently sought before construction begins. Plans are for a 35-storey tower with a… Continue reading Quay House Canary Wharf

South Dock bridge — Canary Wharf’s new footbridge

Last Updated on February 13, 2021 by CanaryDevelopmentAdmin The Canary Wharf estate has quite literally been reclaimed from the water. While transport links have improved massively — pedestrian links north and south to the estate have fallen behind. A new bridge aims to address this, spanning across Middle Dock and helping to improve pedestrian access… Continue reading South Dock bridge — Canary Wharf’s new footbridge

Top bubble tea in Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf has a growing selection of food and drink, with many pop-up stalls and indoor and outdoor food markets! As a truly international area a great thing about Canary Wharf is the variety of food and drink on offer — from Sushi to Steak and everything in between! Aside from traditional cafés and coffee… Continue reading Top bubble tea in Canary Wharf

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Parks near Canary Wharf

Last Updated on March 9, 2021 by CanaryDevelopmentAdmin Despite London having a staggering amount of greenery — a 2011 UK National Ecosystem Assessment claimed 47% of the capital was made up of green space — any city can feel like a concrete jungle sometimes. If you’re looking for a bit of fresh air — this… Continue reading Parks near Canary Wharf

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7 top breakfasts in Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is not just office space — there’s a great range of food, drink and plenty of free things to do. Whether you’re a local after something new to try out, you’re visiting for the wealth of shopping, or you’ve simply arrived at office early, there’s a breakfast place in Canary Wharf suitable! Here’s… Continue reading 7 top breakfasts in Canary Wharf

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How tall is Canary Wharf?

How do we measure tall? Before looking at the tallest buildings, we first need to define what we are measuring. This is not quite as easy as you would assume — this architecture website counts at least 10 methods of working out where the top is — and hence buildings frequently have a variation of… Continue reading How tall is Canary Wharf?

Orchard Wharf — Galliard Homes

London-based developers Galliard Homes have been prolific in their regeneration of the Isle of Dogs. In combination with Ballymore, their Harbour Central site alone has provided over 4000 new homes to the wider Canary Wharf area. Despite their prolific construction on the central portion of the Isle of Dogs, the surrounding area’s of Blackwall and… Continue reading Orchard Wharf — Galliard Homes

A guide to Yoga in Canary Wharf

Last Updated on January 4, 2021 by CanaryDevelopmentAdmin With 2021 looming and New Year’s resolutions arriving shortly, it’s that time of the year when people are considering fitness again. Yoga and Pilates have rapidly increased in popularity over the last few years — and could be a great option for anyone looking to start a… Continue reading A guide to Yoga in Canary Wharf

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8 Water Street — Vertus

Last Updated on January 4, 2021 by CanaryDevelopmentAdmin 8 Water Street design and development The building is a sleek 13-storey low-rise designed by Stanton Williams. In contrast to the high rise developments that surround it, the 175,000sq/ft 8 Water Street has been designed to be figuratively and literally more grounded — bringing it closer with… Continue reading 8 Water Street — Vertus