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Here’s a collection of all our blog posts that feature apartments available for sale across Canary Wharf, and the wider Isle of Dogs area.

While Canary Wharf originally started as a financial hub — built around the flagship One Canada Square — the area has sparked wide scale regeneration and a wealth of new residential buildings.

This regeneration was largely carried out by serial developers Ballymore and Galliard. In 2020 this changed, with the Canary Wharf group building their first residential offerings on a new private estate known as Wood Wharf.

Please note — while these apartments are primarily for sale — there are usually many apartments in each building currently on the private rental market.

If you are solely looking to rent in Canary Wharf or the surrounding area, you may be looking for our blog posts that cover apartments for rental only.

looking up at the towering landmark pinnacle in canary wharf

Landmark Pinnacle — Chalegrove Properties

The Landmark docklands area Landmark Pinnacle is the final installation in the Landmark docklands development area. In 2010 Chalegrove Properties previously created a residential complex around two towers, Landmark east and Landmark west. A decade later they are back with…


Lincoln Plaza — Galliard

Overview of the development Lincoln Plaza is a Galliard development of 546 apartments throughout an interesting, multi-use building. Originally known as Indescon Court phase 2, Lincoln Plaza is the second installation of homes on the Indescon court site. The site…


One Park Drive

Overview of the development Probably the most exciting new development in Canary Wharf, One Park Drive is the Canary Wharf groups attempt at a flagship building for their new residential area Wood Wharf. Standing 215 meters tall and 58-storeys, One…

wardian london ballymore

Wardian London — Ballymore

Wardian London is a Ballymore and EcoWorld London joint project. Taking a modernist style, it is a striking development of two of the tallest residential towers ever built in London, standing at 55-storeys (187m) and 50-storeys (158m), respectively.   The…

landmark east landmark west development in canary wharf

Landmark East and West

Overview of the development Landmark east and west towers are the two principle towers of the Landmark Docklands development area, situated at the western end of South Quay dock. Chalegrove Properties Ltd developed the waterside area, hiring architects Squire and…

baltimore tower known as arena tower by galliard towering over baltimore wharf

Baltimore Tower-Galliard

Overview of the development Baltimore Tower is a 45-storey, 151m tall, spiralling mixture of glass and steel. Originally known as Baltimore Tower, the building has also been known as Arena Tower — however more recently has begun to be referred…


Pan Peninsula – Ballymore

Overview of the development Pan Peninsula was arguably the first “Ultra Luxury” development in Canary Wharf. It is an oriental style 762 apartment development, compromising of 2 towers linked by a central podium. It was one of the first developments…

dollar bay canary wharf tower by simpson haugh at sunset

Dollar Bay — Mount Anvil

Dollar Bay — Overview Dollar Bay is a Mount Anvil development, in conjunction with One Housing. The building was part of a wider development master plan to provide 187 new homes in Tower Hamlets. Dollar Bay itself is a standalone…

maine tower harbour central

Maine Tower – Harbour Central

An overview of Harbour Central Maine Tower, in what is known as the Harbour Central development, is a 41-storey new-build apartment tower by Galliard Homes. The interesting tower — described as Art-Deco — sits on a plot between 3 other…