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Here is a collection of our posts that feature apartments for rent across Canary Wharf. These apartments are solely from build to rent (BTR) operators, and currently feature the 3 main players in the area: Greystar, Vertus, and The Collective.

There are several benefits to renting from a commercial landlord:

  • They frequently offer all-in-one payments — combining all utilities, bills, council tax and rent in one fixed cost
  • The apartments are purpose-built and often they will be brand new
  • Commercial landlords frequently offer short-term contracts — The Collective at Canary Wharf has terms starting from as short as 89 days.

If you are looking to rent in Canary Wharf on the private rental market, information on individual buildings is likely to be found over in our apartments to buy section. There you will find information on frequently rented buildings such as Pan Peninsula, and Lincoln Plaza.

If you’re new to renting in the area and are looking for things to do, our guides to the local area cover everything from swimming in Canary Wharf docks, to free days out.


Vertus – 10 George Street

Overview of the development 10 George Street, also known as Vertus, is the first residential development completed on the Canary Wharf groups new private estate. GRID Architects, based in Southwark, were commissioned by the Canary Wharf group to design the…