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It also includes blog posts covering commercial buildings in Canary Wharf — such as the new Crossrail Place station, and the worlds tallest Novotel!

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wood wharf private estate under construction aerial

Wood Wharf — Canary Wharf Group

Expanding upon Canary Wharf Canary Wharf is famous for being the UKs biggest financial hub, a private estate in the heart of east London.  The success of the financial center has spurned massive regeneration and large residential development across the…

crossrail place canary wharf dusk

Crossrail Place

If you have missed the last decade, Crossrail, aka the Elizabeth Line, is a completely new 73-mile railway line. It routes east to west across London, and once completed it is predicted over 200 million people will use it annually.…

driving to canary wharf car shot

Driving to Canary Wharf

A huge proportion of people working in Canary Wharf arrive via public transport, over 85 percent according to Tower Hamlets data. Despite this, there are over 6000 parking spaces on the estate itself, and plenty more across the Isle of…

Canary Wharf crossrail roof garden one of the best free things to do

5 free things to do in Canary Wharf

Days out in London can be expensive, but they don’t always have to be. On a mission to make Canary Wharf more accessible and residential, the Canary Wharf Group have pushed for more activities and interactive art installations, many of…

how safe is canary — wharf metropolitan police working with canary wharf security

How safe is Canary Wharf?

The financial center of Canary Wharf is undergoing a transition. Built in the 1980s, this cluster of office buildings holding the majority of the UK’s financial sector has pivoted from attracting solely finance businesses, towards a mix of technology.  As…

Canary wharf tube station zone 2

9 Facts About Canary Wharf Station

An impressive building, Canary Wharf tube station was designed by leading architect Sir Norman Foster. As part of the extension of the Jubilee Line, it was one of 11 new stations, with the initial design consultation beginning in 1990. Canary…

canary wharf farm looking towards Baltimore tower

Canary Wharf Farm (Yes, a farm!)

Intro We all know that spending time with nature is good for our health. Aside from physical exercise, getting outdoors amongst the greenery is proven to be great for our mental health too. It helps improve mood and reduces stress…


Waitrose Canary Wharf

Ever had date night in a supermarket?! Canary Wharf’s Waitrose is the brands flagship store. With plenty of unique features — including a steak and oyster restaurant — this Waitrose spans 3 floors and includes Waitrose Home and Fashion sections.…

a new elizabeth line train shortly arriving at Canary Wharf’s crossrail place station

Getting the train to Canary Wharf

Intro The latest news is that Crossrail is delayed (again!), with the full line now not due to open until 2023. Faster rail transit times across London, alongside the promised 39 minute rail connection between Canary Wharf and London Heathrow…


Why is it called Canary Wharf?

Canary Wharf is a household name. Primarily known for finance, the area is now well-connected, home to some of the UK’s tallest buildings, and renowned for its high salaries! But it hasn’t always been this way. The Isle of Dogs…