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5 pet-friendly apartments in Canary Wharf

dog infront of canary wharf developments

Pet-friendly homes in Canary Wharf

5 of the best!

It can be difficult to find an apartment in the UK that allows pets! So difficult, in fact, that in 2021 the government launched a voluntary initiative for responsible pet owners.

The model tenancy agreement is a great step forward for a nation of pet lovers, and stops landlords being able to offer a blanket ban on pets. However, it is not legally binding and is only a recommended agreement.

cat sleeping in a pet friendly apartment in canary wharf

Currently, just 7% of private landlords advertise pet-friendly properties, meaning many people struggle to find suitable homes. In some cases, this has meant people have had to give up their pets all together.


Fortunately, pet owners in Canary Wharf have it better than most, and there are several pet-friendly apartments in E14.

With its collection of nearby parks, expanding waterside paths, and a range of pet-friendly apartments, Canary Wharf is a surprisingly great area in London to live with pets.

Here are 5 pet-friendly apartments across the Isle of Dogs.

While some apartments place restrictions on the type of pets and breeds of dogs permitted — all buildings have current residents with approved pets living there.

1. Sailmakers

Type: Apartments to rent

Best pet feature: Dog sitting

Our guide to Sailmakers

Sailmakers London is arguably the most pet-friendly apartment on the list, and the Harbour Central development ticks many boxes. Not only is it an upmarket, new build apartment with pretty views and lots of residents amenities, it encourages pet ownership.

Unlike many commercial landlords, Sailmakers at Canary Wharf even offer pet-sitting — excellent for feeding the pooch if you are caught up and late home!

Located slightly further south of the hustle and bustle of the financial centre, the Harbour Central development is a short walk from Mudchute park and farm and set back from the corporate offices of Canary Wharf.

2. Wardian London

Type: Apartments to buy

Best pet feature: Balcony gardens

Our guide to Wardian London

If 8 Water Street is the Canary Wharf Group’s answer to luxury pet rental, Wardian London is surely the answer to pet owners that want to buy their luxury apartments.

One of the tallest, and most luxurious apartments in Canary Wharf, the Ballymore development describes itself as an oasis of green within the City. For the owners, the development features a rooftop observatory bar and one of the most luxurious fitness complexes of any E14 development, including a heated open-air swimming pool and spa surrounded by plants!

Despite the luxury, Wardian London allows pets. Here you don’t have to pick your apartment wisely for pet-friendly space — pets won’t be cooped up in a marble clad bathroom — with Wardian’s standout feature of giant balconies providing a decent outside space for all apartments.

The UK is a nation of animal lovers with figures showing that 12 million households have at least one furry, scaly or feathered friend. This equates to 44% of homes and for landlords and tenants.

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woman walking her dog in greenwich park overlooking pet friendly developments in canary wharf

3. Ability Place

Type: Apartments to buy

Best pet feature: Expansive roof terraces

ability place dock view
Our guide to Ability Place

One of the first large luxury developments in Canary Wharf to allow pets, Ability Place at 37 Millharbour keeps track on pets via a pet permit system. The 22-storey building overlooks Millwall Inner dock and remains as popular today as it was when it launched in 2009.

At Ability Place virtually all apartments have balconies. While the development is ideally suited to smaller pets, due to the interestingly shaped complex, some of the highest apartments have huge rooftop terraces, with several residents owning larger dogs.

Overlooking the water in a quieter part of Canary Wharf, this development is as popular with families and pet owners as it is with city professionals.

4. Dollar Bay

Type: Apartments to buy

Best pet feature: Tiled wintergardens

all apartments in dollar bay are pet friendly with a tiled wintergarden
Our guide to Dollar Bay

The all-glass, immaculately kept Dollar Bay stands alone at the eastern edge of South Dock in Canary Wharf. Not only does this Simpson Haugh designed development offer unobstructed views across the dock and towards Canary Wharf, behind the glass facade lies a pet-friendly secret — expansive wintergardens!

All apartments have these large wintergardens, offering an inside outside space, and coupled with tiled flooring throughout makes these upmarket apartments perfectly suited to a wide range of pets.

While pets are off limits to the private garden at the rear, the apartment is excellently located for access to the new Canary Wharf district, Wood Wharf, and its growing network of waterside walks.

5. Eight Water Street

Type: Apartments to rent

Best pet feature: Private gardens

8 water street pet friendly rental gardens
Our guide to 8 Water Street

If the panoramic views from the well-equipped gym, cinema, 24-7 concierge, multiple residents lounges and library of Sailmaker’s nearby Harbour Central development aren’t high-end enough for you and your four-legged friend — look no further!

Eight Water street is arguably the most luxurious pet-friendly development in London. Part of the Vertus group — Canary Wharf’s growing luxury build-to-rent empire — 8 Water Street is the only of their 3 buildings to be pet-friendly.

Located opposite the Water Pavilions, in the rapidly developing Wood Wharf district, 8 Water Street combines the trademark luxury found in the group’s nearby building 10 George Street, with a private garden and pet-friendly status.


With Canary Wharf’s reputation for concrete and corporate office blocks led by One Canada Square and the banking revolution of the 1980s, the Isle of Dogs might not be the first choice for pet-friendly London living.

However, a lot has happened in passing decades, transforming the corporate section of the Isle of Dogs into a desirable mixed-use residential area with a thriving population.

Increasing gentrification continues to bring change to once built-up commercial areas, with new residential developments and accompanying green space. With plans for new footbridges and waterside walks, a wealth of nearby parks, and even an urban farm nearby, Canary Wharf’s is now a surprisingly pet-friendly London destination.

With a wide range of new apartments under construction, the choice of pet-friendly developments in Canary Wharf will only increase.