Waitrose Canary Wharf


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Everything you need to know about the largest Waitrose in the UK

Waitrose — Canary Wharf

Opening hours

Monday to Friday07:00 – 21:00
Saturday08:00 – 21:00
Sunday12:00 – 18:00
Waitrose Canary Wharf opening hours


Originally opened in 2002, Canary Wharf Waitrose has always been one of the largest and most successful Waitrose branches in the country. In a cavernous glass and steel building not unlike the office buildings it surrounds, it is a flagship store, and currently the largest Waitrose in the country at 74,000 sqft.

In good company, it sits underneath Third Space Canary Wharf, which is also currently the largest gym in Europe.

There are 6 Waitrose Food & Home stores throughout the UK, however Canary Wharf is the only Waitrose in the country to offer Food, Fashion & Home.


In 2011, Waitrose Canary Wharf had a turnover of over £1million a week. The John Lewis group invested £15m, the most they have ever spent on a single store refurbishment, to have the store completely revamped.

Amazingly they did it within the 16weeks schedule, and to try and minimise the disruption to the 80,000 customers a week that shop there, it was completed with the food section of the store only closed for 4 days!

After this refurbishment it overtook Southend-on-Sea at 56,000sqft, becoming the largest Waitrose in the country.

New facilities

Waitrose Canary Wharf already had a cafe on the street level floor, but this was increased in size with the refurbishment, and now seats 74.

Having a unique clientele base in this store, the John Lewis group wanted to experiment with their other renovations. As a result, there are several unique additions for eating and drinking throughout the food section at mall level:

  • Steak and Oyster bar
  • Wine Bar
  • Espresso Bar

Steak and Oyster bar

Monday to Friday08:00 – 11:0012:00 – 20:30
SaturdayN/A12:00 – 19:30
SundayN/A12:00 – 16:30
Waitrose Canary Wharf, Steak & Oyster Bar opening hours

The Steak and Oyster bar can be found at the rear of the subterranean floor, in the far left corner. It is a quieter area of the store, with plenty of natural light so doesn’t feel like you are stuck in the middle of the weekday crowds!

It opens for breakfast on weekdays, and lunch and dinner 7-days a week.

It is walk-in only, no bookings here, and the seats face inwards to the cooking area so you can watch your food being freshly prepared.


Wine Bar

Monday to Friday11:30 – 20:30
Saturday11:30 – 19:30
Sunday12:00 – 17:00
Waitrose Canary Wharf, Wine bar opening hours

The 30-seat wine bar is also found towards the back of the store, away from the checkouts. There are over 2,000 wines from 20 different countries to choose from at all manner of price points.

For wine aficionados, the good news is that wine prices are at the same rate as found in store, the only surcharge is a flat rate of £7.50 for corkage.

Espresso Bar

Monday to Friday07:00 – 17:00
Waitrose Canary Wharf, Espresso bar opening hours

Catering for Canary Wharf’s office workers, the espresso bar is a standup coffee bar found at the entrance from the shopping mall before entering the main store.

It is only open office hours, Monday to Friday. However if you are here on a weekend, the cafe upstairs is open 7 days a week and till 20:30 on weekdays.

How to get to Waitrose?

Waitrose is located in Canada Square shopping mall in Canary Wharf.

Canada Square shopping mall is the main shopping centre, directly underneath the tallest building in Canary Wharf, One Canada Square. Waitrose Canary Wharf is located right at the eastern end.

canary wharf centre looking up at one canada square
One Canada Square – Canary Wharf

If you are arriving from the Jubilee line station and you want to avoid the rain:

  1. At platform level, take either of the first two escalators up towards the main entrance and exit
  2. After swiping out, turn right before exiting the station and follow the signs for “Canada Square, Churchill Offices and Shops”
  3. Take the set of escalators up and into the shopping center without getting wet!
  4. This will bring you out into the center of the shopping centre, with waitrose on your right hand side

Is there car parking?

Yes! Whilst 95% of people arriving at Canary Wharf come via public transport, there are over 2500 public parking spaces on the estate itself.

The closest parking to Waitrose in is Canada Square Car Park, with an entrance on Montgomery Street, shown in the main photo. This can be found via SatNav using postcode E14 5EW.


By knowing their target audience and ploughing their largest ever single store investment into an already successful store, the John Lewis group have managed to keep the Canary Wharf Waitrose a flagship store for the brand.

There are plenty of unique features to the Canary Wharf store, and Waitrose frequently use it as a staging ground for new products and services, before rolling them out across the UK.

Remaining the largest store in the country, nearly a decade on, Waitrose Canary Wharf is still the best performing store in the UK.