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Where is Canary Wharf? — An area guide

Canary Wharf started off life as a financial business district in East London. Now, containing thousands of new homes, parks, transport connections, schools and shops, Canary Wharf is rapidly becoming a district in its own right.

This short FAQ will cover everything you need to know about the location of Canary Wharf, including:

  • Postcodes
  • Council tax
  • Local Authorities

What area of London is Canary Wharf?

where is canary wharf london area map

Canary Wharf is located in East London, highlighted on the London area map.

While East London spans a large area, Canary Wharf is on the western edge, and as a result is very close to Central London.

Canary Wharf Borough

Canary Wharf is located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Tower Hamlets is one of the nations fastest growing populations, with a population of over 324,745 in 2019.

Inner vs Outer London?

Canary Wharf is classified as being in Inner London, although it lies outside Central London — often known as the Central Activities Zone.

There are 33 London Boroughs in total, with Tower Hamlets forming one of the 11 most central Boroughs. As a result Canary Wharf is designated as inner London.

where is canary wharf location map — London Zones

Canary Wharf Postcode

Canary Wharf postcodes begin E14. Canary Wharf falls entirely within the London Postal Area.

This subdivision of areas has no bearing on the underlying local authorities or area boundaries, and is solely used as a means of dividing the area for efficient delivery of mail — dating back to 1866. E stands for Eastern postcode area (within London), and the southern boundary of this is the River Thames.

E14 is the postcode for the Poplar District, and this includes: Poplar, Isle of Dogs, Limehouse, Canary Wharf, Millwall, Blackwall, Cubitt Town, South Bromley, North Greenwich and Leamouth.

Since 2004, you no longer need to write Poplar District on Canary Wharf mail, and addresses simply end Canary Wharf, London, E14 XYZ.

Canary Wharf post offices

There are four post offices across the Isle of Dogs Peninsula, with two located on the Canary Wharf private estate.

What Ward is Canary Wharf in?

After 2014, Canary Wharf became a Ward within Tower Hamlets known simply as Canary Wharf Ward. Before this 2014 reshuffle, the Canary Wharf area fell within Millwall Ward.

London Boroughs are subdivided into smaller areas known as wards. These are used for electoral purposes, and provide more accurate information about specific areas within Boroughs.

where is canary wharf ward map
Canary Wharf Ward post 2014 — Tower Hamlets area profiles

Why the new Ward for Canary Wharf?

  • With rapid expansion of Canary Wharf and a growing trend towards residential development, Millwall Ward increased in population by 79% between 2001 and 2011.
  • This was the largest population increase of any Ward in Tower Hamlets by a significant amount.
  • As a result — to ensure an even number of residents per councillor — Wards were remapped in 2014
  • Millwall Ward was subdivided to create Canary Wharf Ward.

The Borough of Tower Hamlets, now has 20 Wards. Watch this space though — as there are current plans to rebrand Canary Wharf Ward back to Millwall!

Canary Wharf Council and local elections

Canary Wharf is run by Tower Hamlets London Borough Council.

There are 1 Mayor and 45 Councillors within Tower Hamlets. Canary Wharf has 2 elected representatives.

The current Canary Wharf representatives are Kyrsten Perry and Andrew Wood.

Canary Wharf Election dates

Local elections are held on the first Thursday in May, once every four years. The next local election in Canary Wharf is scheduled for Thursday 5th May 2022.

Canary Wharf Council Tax Bands 2021

Every property in the area is divided into 8 bands, from A-H. With A being the cheapest rate and H the most expensive.

This is a historical system, and it is based on the capital valuation of your property. As a historical system that hasn’t been updated to reflect market increases, the capital valuation bands do not reflect the current market prices of properties in their respective bands. As a result, it is necessary to use the banding calculator to work out which band your property falls within.

To look up your Council Tax band, enter the property postcode into the government banding calculator.

Previous rates (2020/2021)

Canary Wharf Council Tax BandsCouncil Tax Rates
Tower Hamlets council tax bands 2020/21

Current rates (2021/2022)

Council Tax runs in line with the financial year, starting on the 1st of April, and ending on the 31st of March. Council Tax rates are reviewed by Tower Hamlets each year, with increases finalised at the end of January to be applied in April.

The Council Tax rate for 2021-22 will be increased by 1.99% general rate increase and an additional 3.00% Adult Social Care precept, totalling 4.99%

Tower Hamlets — Budget 2021/22

Canary Wharf council tax rates for 01 April 2021 — 31st March 2022 are shown below, an increase of 4.99% from the previous years rates.

Canary Wharf Council Tax BandsCouncil Tax Rates
Tower Hamlets council tax 2021/2022