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2022’s Best Chinese Restaurants in Canary Wharf

Like many areas of London, Canary Wharf has a variety of authentic cuisine from across the globe. Food options cover everything from traditional breakfast cafés, to Taiwanese bubble tea!

Despite Covid-19, and its exceptionally hard hit to the restaurant industry, there’s also a growing selection of Chinese restaurants in Canary Wharf. These range from the giant floating barge, Lotus Chinese, to the intimate 12-table restaurant, Canting.

So if you’re heading out for a Dim Sum brunch, fancy some Shanghai style streetfood, or are thinking of grabbing a takeout, here’s a look at what Chinese food the Isle of Dogs has to offer in 2022!


Sharing food at Canting Chinese restaurant near Canary Wharf

Address: Canting Restaurant, Talisman Tower, 6 Lincoln Plaza, London, E149BU


One of the newest Chinese restaurants in Canary Wharf, Canting is a small venue located at the base of Lincoln Plaza.

Opened in 2021, and already exceptionally popular, this Canary Wharf Chinese restaurant serves authentic northeastern cuisine — known as Tie Guo Dun.

Food is excellent and served as sharing portions for the table in a large iron wok, with food finishing cooking in front of you using the table’s inbuilt heaters.

Lotus Chinese Floating Restaurant

baltimore wharf apartments canary wharf

Address: Lotus Floating Chinese, Inner Millwall Dock, 9 Oakland Quay, London E14 9EA


Located in Millwall dock, the Canary Wharf’s Lotus Floating Chinese pre-dates the majority of the skyscrapers that now surround it! The largest Chinese restaurant in Canary Wharf, this unusual venue is London’s largest floating restaurant, and can host events for over 500.

Enjoyed by locals and lunching workers alike, Lotus was missed as it closed throughout portions of Covid-19. With its website remaining out of action, we feared the worst. However, the floating favourite is back!

Reopened at the end of 2021, you can see their latest offerings and set-menu offers on their Facebook page.

Royal China Canary Riverside

dim sum at Royal China Canary Riverside

Address: Royal China Canary Riverside, 30 Westferry Circus, London, E14 5HE


Part of the Royal China Group, the highly rated brand have 5 restaurants across London.

This veteran outfit has been one of Canary Wharfs most popular Chinese restaurants for over a decade! Specialising in Dim Sum — paired with Chinese tea — alongside Hong Kong style Chinese dishes.

Known as Royal China Canary Riverside, this venue has both indoor seating, and an expansive outdoor seating space on the terrace, with views across the River Thames.

It’s a popular weekend spot — or whenever the sun is shining! — so well-worth reserving in advance on weekends.

What is Dim Sum?

Often associated with dumplings, Dim Sum covers a huge range of small Chinese dishes, traditionally enjoyed in restaurants for brunch.

While variants of dim sum are found across Asia, most modern dim sum dishes originated in China — largely from Cantonese cuisine.

Dumpling Shack x Fen Noodles

dumpling shack south quay

Address: Dumpling Shack South Quay, 20 Crossharbour Plaza, London E14 9YF


Originating as a pop-up in Spitalfields Market, Dumpling Shack has mastered the art of Shanghai-style Chinese streetfood.

Opened as an eat-in or takeaway restaurant, Dumpling Shack x Fen Noodles serves up some of the freshest noodles in Canary Wharf from the ground floor of The Collective.

The pan-fried dumplings are exceptional, and the menu has frequent updates and weekly specials.

Chinese Gourmet

food from the Best Chinese restaurants in Canary Wharf in 2022

Address: Chinese Gourmet, 60 Skylines Village, London E14 9TS


Looking for a Chinese takeaway in Canary Wharf? This is the perfect place. Chinese Gourmet serves streetfood style dishes, originating from Xi’an, and neighbouring Szechuan in central China.

Tucked-away, don’t be put off by the minimal exterior. The food here is excellent — this small restaurant is frequently described as the best Chinese on the Isle of Dogs — with the Biang Biang noodles particular good!

Open 7 days a week, the limited inside space means this Chinese is most popular for takeaway deliveries and pickups, and is available on Deliveroo.