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Cycling in Canary Wharf

Embracing public transport and ditching the car, Canary Wharf, alongside the wider Isle of Dogs area, is awash with carshare schemes: public transport hubs, and even E-scooters. But there is one entirely carbon-free way of getting around, cycling!

With the construction of cycle superhighways zig-zagging across London, a mass of cycling parking spaces, and knowledgeable boutique cycling shops, its no wonder that Canary Wharf has a growing cycling scene.

cyclists ride through crossrail place bridge in canary wharf
Cyclists at Crossrail Place

Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know about cycling in Canary Wharf. Where to park your bike in E14? The nearest cycle superhighways, bike shops, maintenance and more. So if you’re considering cycling to work — or just for leisure — hopefully this guide to cycling in Canary Wharf helps!

Cycling by numbers

20 minutes

Cycling between the two financial centres of the UK — The City of London and Canary Wharf, takes less than 20 minutes. Liverpool Street Station, in the heart of the City of London, is 3.3 miles (5.31 km)


Free cycle parking spaces are located across the Canary Wharf estate


Santander bikes to rent across the Canary Wharf estate!


Ultra-secure cycle parking spaces available for hire in Canada Square carpark

Did you know?

While prohibited on busses entirely, outside of peak hours cycles are allowed on some TFL train routes.

Bringing a bike to Canary Wharf via the DLR is permitted, however the via the Jubilee tube station is forbidden! For a full list of TFL bike permitted routes, TFL have a handy guide and map.

Where to park your bike in Canary Wharf?

Cycle parking for residents is not an issue. Located within the London borough of Tower Hamlets — notoriously strict on car-free developments — the vast majority of residents have underground bike storage. There are over 3,715 private cycle parking spaces within individual building car parks.

However, if you are commuting into Canary Wharf or just visiting, there are plenty of free bike spaces. Canary Wharf keep an updated map of the 1000+ spaces, at their pedestrian and cycle routes page.

canary wharf getting here cycle parking locations feb 2018
Canary Wharf cycle parking locations map

Canary Wharf ranks one of the safest areas in London, but for those looking for more security or dry storage for their bikes, there are secure underground cycle parking spaces in Canada Square carpark for a £12 per month fee.

Cycling FAQ

Yes. The Canary Wharf group has aimed to encourage cycling on the estate, as a means of hitting sustainability and local environmental targets. As a result, Canary Wharf is very cycle-friendly with thousands of free cycle spaces, 7 Santander bike stations, marked (and often protected) cycleways, and free bike pumps.

Only in certain sections. The Thames Path is classified as public footpath, where cycling is forbidden. However, there are sections passing close to Canary Wharf — such as section four between Tower Bridge and Greenwich, that are designated cycle sections.

Yes. Tower Hamlets council have partnered with BikeWorks and offer free training sessions, that can be completed on your bike or one of the many Santander bikes for hire.

TFL also offer free online training courses, and a wealth of instructional videos.

While 2020s Canary Wharf pop-up stall from Rapha has now closed, the brand created a well-reviewed list of 14 bike routes for all abilities on Komoot. Ranging from a 15-minute hop over to Spitalfields Market, to a 54.5 mile (ca. 88 km) loop involving some serious hills in the North Downs, there is something for everyone!

For more variety, there are nearly 2000 bike routes featuring Canary Wharf listed on BikeMap.

Free bike pump in Canary Wharf

free bike pump in canada square canary wharf

Originating back to a 2014 Tower Hamlets scheme to provide free bike pumps — there is a free bike pump installed in Canary Wharf.

It is located at 1 Cabot Square, E14 4QJ.

For a collection of free bike pumps across London, Cyclehoop provide an excellent up-to-date free facilities map.

Cycle superhighways

The biggest investment in cycling in London’s history

London Mayor, Ken Livingstone

Cycle superhighways were introduced back in 2008 by, to provide a set of 12 motorways for cycling. Canary Wharf is located immediately south of Cycle Superhighway 3, with easy access from the estate via Poplar or Westferry.

Cycle highway 3 — one of the most popular cycleways in London with a large commuter use — currently spans 24 km and runs East to West between Barking and the City of Westminster.

Unsure what to expect?

Newham Cyclists have a full-overview of the exact route.

Find out the location of all of London’s designated cycle routes with the interactive cycle map.

How to get to Canary Wharf by bike

cyclists in canary wharf gather outside the station before a sponsored ride
Charity cyclists at Canary Wharf tube station

One issue with cycling to Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs peninsula is how best to cross the Thames river with a bike.

There are no bikes allowed on the TFL bus network or on the Canary Wharf section of the Jubilee Line — and bikes are prohibited on the Canary Wharf section of the upcoming Elizabeth Line.


From the North, access is easy via the road network (Westferry Way, Upper Bank Street, Trafalgar Way) or via Poplar DLR footbridge — which avoids crossing the busy Aspen Way.


Cycle access from the East through the Blackwall Tunnel is permitted, but not recommended due to the heavy traffic and the severe pollution in the tunnels.


To access the Isle of Dogs from the south with a bike, there are two options.

  1. The Greenwich Foot tunnel transits under the Thames, has bike lifts, and is located approximately 2 miles (3.22 km) south of the Canary Wharf estate.
  2. The DLR runs as far south as Lewisham, with trains at Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich transiting under the Thames and onto the Isle of Dogs. Non-folding bikes are allowed outside of rush hour times.


Crossing into Canary Wharf from the Canada Water from the West can be achieved on the Canary Wharf to Doubletree Ferry service (RB4). This ferry service was implemented after the aborted Rotherhithe Bridge plans, and has a frequent timetable.

Bikes are permitted, but storage space is first come, first served so can be limited at peak times.

Canary Wharf bike hire

There are now 7 Santander Cycle Hire stations, with 273 bikes on the Canary Wharf estate. In addition, 11 stations can be found across the wider Isle of Dogs area.

As a result, within a 10 minutes’ walk of Canary Wharf, there are nearly 350 cycles for hire.

tfl bikes for london stationed in front of reuters plaza canary wharf
Santander bikes in Reuters Plaza

Cycling costs start from a £2 fee to access the bikes for 24 hours. Within this period, journeys of less than 30 minutes are free, with longer journeys charged on a sliding scale.

Santander bikes can also be used for the free Tower Hamlets cycling lessons.

Cycle shops in Canary Wharf

The current shops located within Canary Wharf are:

Lap Bikes

A flagship store for the group — Lap Bikes was founded in 2016 by a professional cyclist.

Lap Bikes in Canary Wharf are a sleek operation with a range of high-end bikes, knowledgeable staff and a maintenance facility.

Address: LAP Bikes, 2 Churchill Place, London, E14 5RB,

Nip Nip Bike Repairs

One of three London stores, Nip Nip Canary Wharf is a cycle maintenance shop.

Exceptionally popular with Canary Wharf’s cycling commuters, Nip Nip don’t sell bikes, but they offer a speedy same-day bike service to get your back on the road ASAP.

In addition, Nip Nip provide free bike safety checks, and have a fleet of bikes for you to use whilst your bike is in the shop.

Address: Nip Nip, 6 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London, E14 4HD

Peloton Canary Wharf

While not a traditional cycle outfit, Peloton’s Canary Wharf showroom offers a selection of cycle accessories and their famous live-streamed workout bikes.

Unsure if you want to make the plunge towards spinning — either as an all-weather compliment to your cycling or a standalone fitness routine? The group let you turn up, have a walkthrough of the products, and free trial classes (book via their booking system)

Address: Peloton, Street Level, Cabot Place East
London E14 4QT