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Baltimore Wharf

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Baltimore Wharf Apartments

14-storeys, Isle of Dogs


The Baltimore Wharf apartments were constructed in the first phase of a larger redevelopment known as Baltimore Wharf. The apartments were built by developer Ballymore, with later phases of Baltimore Wharf constructed by Galliard. Designed by architects Skidmore Owings and Merrill, the apartment complex is centred around a landscaped boulevard with a series of interconnected mid-rise buildings.

A mid-rise luxury apartment complex, the Baltimore Wharf apartments rise to 14-storeys parallel to the waterfront of Millwall Inner Dock. This gives the waterfront apartments excellent unobstructed views across the water, maximised by large expanses of glazing and generous balconies.

Behind the waterfront block, two 10-storey mid-rise buildings complete the development, surrounding a central boulevard-style terraced area with water features. Increased natural light and waterfront access to the boulevard area is through an expansive 7-storey arch cut into the central portion of the waterside apartment complex.

In further stages of the areas regeneration, the Baltimore Wharf apartments were later joined by the 21-storey communal living and hotel complex, The Collective Canary Wharf, alongside additional residential developments from Galliard.

baltimore wharf 7-storey archway by millwall inner dock

The Baltimore Wharf apartments are easily located, immediately adjacent to the Baltimore Wharf regeneration area’s marker building, the twisting 45-storey Baltimore Tower.

Apartments and features

Baltimore Wharf provides apartments ranging from ultra-compact studios to some of the most spacious 2-bedroom apartments available in the Canary Wharf area.

In a break from Ballymore’s high-rise developments, Baltimore Wharf’s expansive lateral profile enables a high portion of penthouse and duplex apartments.

In total, the development consists of 473 apartments divided into two sections, the inner boulevard section and the slightly taller dockside buildings.

Apartment breakdown

  • 238 boulevard apartments
  • 235 dockside apartments
  • Studio apartments: 170
  • 1-bedroom apartments: 122
  • 2-bedroom apartments: 136
  • 3-bedroom apartments: 4
  • Penthouse apartments: 13
  • Duplex 2-bedroom apartments: 28

The expansive basement under the Baltimore Wharf development provides approximately 450 parking spaces. With new developments typically designated as car-free and heavily constrained by Tower Hamlets, it is rare to have as much parking available as here. Valet parking is an additional cost.

The Baltimore Wharf apartments have a high level of facilities available, including:

  • 24-hour security and concierge
  • Valet parking
  • Access to the Nuffield Health Baltimore Wharf fitness complex
  • Private residents’ cinema

Explosive construction

Granted planning permission in 2006, Construction began in 2007, with waterside apartments finished in 2011. Penthouse apartments and final landscaping completed throughout 2012.

In 2014, additional landscaping and green spaces were added with the construction of Galliard’s Baltimore Tower.

Construction took an interesting turn with the discovery of a WW2 era unexploded bomb during the initial foundations, which was quickly diffused.

Trivia: What came first?

Many developments in the area boast residents facilities, including bars and restaurants. Directly in front of the Baltimore Wharf apartment complex, and featuring in Ballymores’ publicity photos, it is easy to think that the Lotus Floating Chinese restaurant originated with the construction of Baltimore Wharf.

baltimore wharf apartment building canary wharf

In reality, the long-running Chinese floating restaurant had been moored in Millwall Inner Dock since 2004, 2 years before planning applications for the Baltimore Wharf Apartments were submitted!


Duplex Penthouses

Baltimore Wharf Tower may steal the show as a 45-storey focus point of this development, however, the Baltimore Wharf apartments house some of the most impressive duplexes in the E14 area.

Most of the towering new developments in the Canary Wharf area provide small numbers of luxury penthouses on the upper floors. Baltimore Wharf’s medium rise profile has allowed for an expansive selection of luxury penthouses and duplexes across the entire profile of the upper floors.

In total, there are 28 duplex apartments, and 13 penthouses! Arguably the most impressive are the 12 dockside duplexes. Situated on the 11th and 12th floors of the development, the 2 bedroom duplexes are sought after for their expansive glazing and exceptionally generous sizes. At 1300-1500 square foot, they are approximately twice the size of most neighbouring 2-bedroom apartments in similar Canary Wharf developments.

Situated above these duplexes, the 13th floor penthouse flats take advantage of the buildings stepped back facade. This provides exceptionally large terraces, with some apartments having over 1300 square foot (ca. 121 m²) of Canary Wharf views.

Waterside location

Part of the apartments at Baltimore Wharf’s enduring appeal is the dockside location — slightly further away from the financial centre of Canary Wharf.

Baltimore Wharf apartments are conveniently located for access to Canary Wharf, around a 15-minute walk or quicker via the DLR.

baltimore wharf boulevard and landscaping

However, the 27,000 square meter residential area provides a welcome break from the high-rise, glass and steel packed financial district. Landscaping includes pocket parks, water features and a sheltered boulevard.

The area surrounding Millwall Inner Dock was one of the first areas within the Isle of Dogs to undergo large scale residential redevelopment. As a result, neighbouring developments across the dock such as Ability Place and 45 Millharbour have spawned multiple local cafés, convenience stores and established local restaurants.

In combination with the residential amenities and the closer proximity to parks and docklands watersports, the Baltimore Wharf apartments have a quieter, residential feel in comparison to nearby high-rise blocks such as South Quay Plaza.

Nuffield Health Gym

Service charges for the Baltimore Wharf apartments are approximately mid-range for the area, at around £6 per square foot in 2021. This price range is higher than nearby developments with similar features, such as Lincoln Plaza and Maine Tower — both under £5 per square foot.

However, it is significantly cheaper than the latest high-end developments in Wood Wharf and Ballymore’s latest, Wardian London.

Leisure facilities often make up the bulk of a buildings service charges, and at Baltimore Wharf — despite the mid-range price tag — the facilities are excellent.

Marketed as the Baltimore Club, the service charge enables residents access to a purpose-built Nuffield Health Baltimore Wharf. One of the largest gyms on the Isle of Dogs, the facilities are numerous and include boxing rings, a full-size swimming pool and spa facilities alongside an expansive gym and range of personal training options.

baltimore wharf apartments overlooking millwall inner dock in a more residential part of canary wharf
Baltimore Wharf escapes the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf in a more residential portion of the Isle of Dogs


Tiny studio apartments

While the luxurious penthouses have balconies in excess of 1000 square foot (ca. 93 m²), this generous sizing is not represented throughout the development. One hundred and seventy of the 473 apartments in this development are studios, and some of them are tiny.

At just under 30 square meters, the smallest studio apartments at Baltimore wharf are officially classed as micro homes and are 7 square meters smaller than the national minimum floor guidance for studio apartments in the UK.

Permitted under a clause that allows developers to reduce the footprint of apartments below national guidelines as long as they show exceptional design, the tiny studio apartments are usable. However, the smallest apartments in this development might require additional considerations. Previously, some lenders have specified mortgage restrictions on properties below 30 square meters, and analysis by Which shows that micro homes typically increase in value at lower rates.

Some flats heavily overlooked

baltimore tower known as arena tower by galliard towering over baltimore wharf

The Baltimore Wharf apartments range between 10–14 storeys and sit within the larger Baltimore Wharf residential development. The waterfront apartments sit in prime position, parallel to Millwall Inner Dock, however not all apartments have unrestricted views or relative privacy. The remaining half of the apartments, known as Baltimore Wharf boulevard, lie perpendicular to the waters edge, enclosing a landscaped boulevard.

Within the Baltimore Wharf development, these Ballymore apartments are some of the lowest buildings and, as a result, are overlooked from the northern and eastern sides:

  • Apartment and hotel combination The Collective Canary Wharf stands at 22 floors on the northern section of the development with sky bar and pool looking down onto the apartments below
  • Residential apartments on the eastern portion of the development, by partner developer Galliard — Markham Heights— are 17-storeys overshadowing the boulevard apartments
  • The pinnacle of Baltimore Wharf, Galliards Baltimore Tower, stands at a towering 45-storeys overlooking the entire complex


A decade on from their initial construction, Ballymore’s apartments within the Baltimore Wharf regeneration area retain their appeal as a highly-sought-after residential development.

Like Ballymore’s other Canary Wharf developments, the Baltimore Wharf apartments are luxurious — 24-hour concierge, underground parking, expansive leisure facilities are all present. However, unlike their high-rise counterparts of Pan Peninsula or Wardian London, there are lower service charges, making these apartments equally popular as rental properties alongside long-term homes.

baltimore wharf boulevard landscaping and greenery

The later construction phases of the Baltimore Wharf regeneration area, by partnering developer Galliard, has bought some overshadowing and some Baltimore Wharf apartments are now considerably more overlooked than when first constructed. However, this expanding residential development has also brought positives: additional shops and amenities, landscaping and a more homely feel to the area.

The developments positives, including the prime waterfront location, underground parking and luxury finishes, combined with many flagship duplex apartments means this remains a standout residential complex.