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A collection of top lists — shorter posts that highlight some of the best facilities, views and features of developments in Canary Wharf.

wardian london sky bar in canary wharf looking towards one canada square

The BEST rooftop bars in Canary Wharf

Every so often, all you want is a drink with a view. With its towering skyline, as one of the tallest area’s in the UK, it’s no surprise to find there are plenty of sky bars in Canary Wharf. There’s…

view of canary wharf from greenland docks in surrey quays

10+ things to do in Canary Wharf

While the dockland’s development might have once had a reputation for having little to do, 40 years of regeneration has sparked a wealth of activities. The once empty docks are now a buzzing community and in 2021, there are plenty…

man weightlifting in a boutique canary wharf gym

The Best Gyms in Canary Wharf

As Canary Wharf’s population has grown, the selection of gyms has expanded rapidly! Many new developments already have luxury residents gyms, as a result, standalone gyms have had to up their game and provide significantly more offerings. There are climbing…

view from canary wharf from thames path section 3

The best views of Canary Wharf

The evolution of Canary Wharf since the 1980s has transformed the remnants of the UK’s largest docks into a skyscraper packed peninsula. East London’s most famous skyline is best observed from afar, and there are multiple locations around London to…

dog infront of canary wharf developments

5 pet-friendly apartments in Canary Wharf

It can be difficult to find an apartment in the UK that allows pets! So difficult, in fact, that in 2021 the government launched a voluntary initiative for responsible pet owners. The model tenancy agreement is a great step forward…

yifang taiwanese bubble tea canary wharf

Top bubble tea in Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf has a growing selection of food and drink, with many pop-up stalls and indoor and outdoor food markets! As a truly international area a great thing about Canary Wharf is the variety of food and drink on offer…

best breakfasts in canary wharf

7 top breakfasts in Canary Wharf

Disclaimer — Some of these Canary Wharf cafés currently have reduced hours, service, or are delivery only due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. Canary Wharf is not just office space — there’s a great range of food, drink and plenty of…

how tall is canary wharf office view

How tall is Canary Wharf?

Canary Wharf is famous for several things: As the UK’s leading financial centre — with more finance jobs than the City of London Being surrounded by water in the regenerated docklands area That famous tower! — and a collection of…