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Orchard Wharf — Galliard Homes

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Orchard Wharf

23-storeys — Poplar

London-based developers Galliard Homes have been prolific in their regeneration of the Isle of Dogs. In combination with Ballymore, their Harbour Central site alone has provided over 4000 new homes to the wider Canary Wharf area.

Despite their prolific construction on the central portion of the Isle of Dogs, the surrounding area’s of Blackwall and Poplar to the northeast of Canary Wharf haven’t had the same level of investment — until now!

Orchard Wharf London is an exiting new development, located to the immediate northeast of the Canary Wharf estate. An interesting design featuring stepped levels from the 23-storey pinnacle tower, the Orchard Wharf development will provide 338 new homes. These comprise 236 for sale on the open market, and 102 affordable homes.

Orchard Wharf Location

orchard wharf galliard e14 development


Orchard Wharf, Silvocea Way, London, E14 0JG

Orchard Wharf’s homes are located in the E14 postcode, 900 meters to the northeast of the Canary Wharf estate — around a 15-minute walk. The nearest tube connection is Canning Town, where it is two stops, and a short 4-minute ride to Canary Wharf Jubilee station.

The closest DLR station is East India — around 5 – 10 minutes walk to the southeast. Orchard Wharf is excellently placed for quick connections to London City Airport, under 10 minutes from East India DLR station. Equally, the DLR provides the quickest route to the City of London, with connection to Bank taking less than 15 minutes.

With the Canary Wharf group constructing their first private residential estate — Wood Wharf — to the east of the estate, Orchard Wharf is in a prime position to benefit from the influx of bars and shops and new school that the mixed-use residential estate will provide.

Orchard Wharf’s e14 location also offers benefits, being located immediately adjacent to the Bow Creek Ecology Park peninsular. This area provides green space, and ties in with the Thames path — leading Orchard Wharf residents on a waterside walk towards Canary Wharf.

Orchard Wharf completion date

Launched in 2017, construction began at the Orchard Wharf development in 2018 with preliminary infrastructure and site ground works.

The estimated completion date for Orchard Wharf’s first homes were early 2021, with the development completing in the 3rd quarter of 2021. However, development completion has been pushed back to mid 2022.


Excellent connections for expanding docklands

Also in close proximity to the development is The Royal Docks, which is set to undergo major regeneration, creating 60,000 new jobs just 10 minutes on the DLR from Orchard Wharf. With £6 billion in private sector investments, the Royal Docks will be transformed into London’s third financial business district, meaning residents of Orchard Wharf will benefit from these new job openings.

Galliard — Abode2

One of the key attractions to Galliard’s Orchard Wharf development is the transport connections and the areas development potential. Transport to the Royal Docks is within 20 minutes door-to-door. Royal Victoria DLR station is 2 stops — 5 minutes — from East India, the closest DLR station.

This area of London is of growing development and importance, underlined by the Mayor of London relocating City Hall to the site this year.

The Mayor believes that the move to The Crystal will act as a catalyst for the regeneration of Royal Docks which is set to lead to 25,000 new homes and the creation of 60,000 new jobs within the next 20 years, supported by the arrival of the Elizabeth line.

Moving City Hall — GOV.UK

Royal Victoria station is 3 minutes walk from the new City Hall, and the accessibility to this rapidly regenerating part of London is a real bonus for Orchard Wharf.

Wide variety of interesting flats from renowned developer

The Orchard Wharf development is compromised of 5 linked buildings in front of — the main 23-storey Orchard Wharf tower. The reduction in height from the stepped, linked buildings creating a cascading style, and both sets of buildings are linked by a double height central podium.

orchard wharf east london views towards canary wharf

Galliard Homes hired BUJ Architects to design the complex, a partnership that have previously worked together several times.

The interesting design’s 5-stepped cascading buildings are 20-storeys: 17-storeys, 14-storey, 11-storeys and 8-storeys respectively.

maine tower harbour central

Renowned developer Galliard have created a wealth of homes in this part of London and across the Isle of Dogs.

A real advantage is they have a history of developing high-quality flats — such as Baltimore Tower — but also in large-scale regeneration projects.

Their Harbour central area to the immediate south of Canary Wharf — including Maine Tower and Lincoln Plaza totals 4,000 homes and has brought widespread regeneration.

The Bartlett report heavily criticised the design and development of new build homes across the UK, with 45% of new build homes in London described as mediocre. While many large house builders featured, Galliard Homes didn’t. Their developments were usually classed as more refined, and of a higher quality.

At Orchard Wharf they have chosen a varied mixture of styles, and there is a huge range of different flat sizes, shapes, and bedrooms. Most apartments have a dual aspect views and all apartments have balconies or terraces.

  • 1,2 & 3-bedroom apartments
  • 2-bedroom duplex apartments
  • 3-bedroom duplex apartments
  • And three, 3 bedroom penthouses!

Roof gardens and water views

BUJ architects have maximised the roof spaces created by stepping the towers, by implementing large residents roof gardens. These communal gardens will be complemented by a sheltered residents garden at ground level, alongside a garden pavilion and play areas.

Galliard Homes Orchard Wharf overview — Including roof terraces

The easterly side of the plot looks out across Bow Creek Ecological park.

Originally an Osier bed, the site was transformed into a more industrial landscape when it subsequently became an ironworks. It has now opened as an ecology park and is a hidden gem in London’s East End.

The wetland’s area is undergoing significant re-wilding, and as a result has won a green flag award every year since 2016.

Orchard Wharf is also a short 5-minute walk from East India Dock Basin, another small wildlife sanctuary tucked away whose salt-marsh’s support a wide variety of wading birds and wildflower.

Both areas are a great break from the often built-up and industrial side to parts of east London, and it’s a genuine benefit to have this green space nearby.


Currently an industrial area awaiting regeneration

A protective, brick envelope addresses the busy public city, while sheltering a peaceful garden space that opens up towards the morning light and the river’s edge.

BUJ Architects

BUJ architect’s choice words highlight the reality of this plot, while there is great development potential for the area, at the moment it is busy and industrial.

This area is right at the beginning of a regeneration cycle.

A designated London GLA the Orchard Wharf development’s location in Poplar is one of thirty receiving a huge amount of investment:

Across these zones :

  • £30 billion of investment
  • over 150,000 construction jobs
  • 77,000 new homes, of which around a third will be affordable
  • Transport and infrastructure development
  • Community facility upgrades

orchard wharf galliard canary wharf east london view

This site of a former petrol station, Orchard Wharf is flanked by water on one size but also by significant transport infrastructure — the busy A1020 road and DLR tracks.

There is no doubt that this waterside area will eventually become similar to Galliard’s Baltimore Wharf — overlooking Middle Dock in Canary Wharf — or Ballymore’s London City Island on the Leamouth Peninsula. However, this is likely to take a very long time.

In the intervening years Orchard Wharf is likely to remain neighbours with a car park and an industrial complex.

Lessor amenities than other Galliard developments

Galliard developments in the Harbour Central area, and the Docklands’ area of E14 have become synonymous with great value additional facilities. Previous developments have had an abundance of amenities while not maintaining the same exceptional service charges that come with neighbouring Canary Wharf developments.

Nearby Galliard developments — Lincoln Plaza and Maine Tower — have a wealth of business centres, fitness centres, swimming pools and libraries. Neighbouring Baltimore tower has access to Canary Wharf’s Nuffield health gym and all three developments have 24-7 concierges.

At Orchard Wharf these amenities are lacking.

orchard wharf galliard homes courtyard garden

While this latest Galliard development has plenty of outside space — something the Isle of Dogs developments don’t match — Orchard Wharfs homes do have significantly fewer amenities on offer.

The double height lobby area does have a concierge however it is daytime only. Fitness centres and gyms aren’t present here and there is no business lounge or expansive resident’s libraries — something that is becoming increasingly popular with home working. However, these facilities are available nearby. There are a plenty of gyms across the Isle of Dogs, alongside a WeWork, and Canary Wharf’s public library, Idea Store.

There is a retail provision on the site — earmarked for a café — but no timescale for when this will materialise. This lack of facilities is one problem with developments that are the first to regenerate an area — there isn’t anywhere in walking distance to get a coffee or a quick bite to eat. At Orchard Wharf, for any retail provision at all, you will need to venture on the tube or DLR to nearby Canary Wharf or Poplar High Street.

orchard wharf galliard bow creek water view
Orchard Wharf Renders — Behance

Orchard Wharf Summary

Orchard Wharf is an exciting development, and the cascading roof-garden design is a well-deserved break from less imaginative new build developments. Galliard Homes have tried to replicate the success of other nearby mid-rise, brick-built homes — such as The Liberty Building and Horizon Tower — where modern flats are offered at a lower price point than some of Canary Wharf’s tallest skyscrapers.

The location is very accessible, but leaves a lot to be desired in terms of immediate facilities and a homely feel. However, with the rapid development of the local area and a renewed focus on this part of East London brought about by the Mayor of London things may change quickly.

The lack of facilities in the immediate area might deter some, but the ability to reach Canary Wharf and the wealth of retail and restaurant facilities there in under 15 minutes ensures there are plenty of things to do — albeit involving a short ride on the tube.

Despite the industrial outlook of the immediate north and western neighbours, to the east and south there is significant green space and by being the first residential development in the immediate area Galliard have capitalised on arguably the best location — right by the waters edge. Orchard Wharf doesn’t offer quite the same level of facilities as some developers Isle of Dogs developments, however it remains a premium feel.