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Parks near Canary Wharf

Despite London having a staggering amount of greenery — a 2011 UK National Ecosystem Assessment claimed 47% of the capital was made up of green space — any city can feel like a concrete jungle sometimes.

If you’re looking for a bit of fresh air — this guide is for you! Here’s a compilation of walks, outside space and parks near Canary Wharf.

How much green space is in Canary Wharf?

You might be surprised to know that despite being one of the most densely populated parts of the UK — there’s a surprising amount of greenery, outside space, and parks in Canary Wharf itself.

20% of the Canary Wharf Estate is landscaped parks, plazas and walkways. There are over 1,000 trees and many more shrubs and flower plantings.

CWG — Green space

The latest figures from the Canary Wharf Group show that the estate is home to over 1,000 trees and 20 acres of landscaped parks and open spaces. Despite the rapid development, the number of trees and overall green space is actually forecast to increase in the coming years:

  • Individual biophillic developments are on the increase: such as Wardian London — importing over 100 different plant varieties and embracing garden balconies
  • Millharbour Village — a large development within the Harbour Central area on the Isle of Dogs — looks set to provide new parks and an ambitiously described “forest”
  • The new Canary Wharf residential area, Wood Wharf, is also ambitiously pursuing rooftop garden terraces, private and public residents gardens.

Best parks near Canary Wharf

Here are 6 great parks near Canary Wharf, ordered from nearest to furthest away from the financial centre.

canary wharf tube station jubilee park view

Jubilee Park

Bank St, Canary Wharf,

London E14 5JP

The design of the Canary Wharf Groups cavernous Jubilee line station actually provides the largest green space on the private estate!

With architects Foster and Partners providing the majority of the station underground, the roof of the station is left for a park spanning just over 3 acres.

With over 250 mature trees and a cascading water feature running through the middle, Jubilee park provides a sheltered green space between the high-rise buildings of Canary Wharf — an especially popular park for the thousands of local workers during breaks.

Harbord Square Park in Wood Wharf looking towards Dollar Bay and The Madison

Harbord Square

22 Lovegrove Walk, Wood Wharf

London E14 9PZ

The newest addition to public parks near Canary Wharf is found in the adjacent residential district, Wood Wharf. Harbord Square park is the largest public green space in Wood Wharf, and also provides a small children’s play area and sandpit.

Popular with yoga lovers and dog walkers alike, its location in the heart of Wood Wharf is only a 5-minute walk east from the centre of Canary Wharf.

Owned and developed by the Canary Wharf Group — it’s easy to find with the location signposted on all of the financial estate’s maps. If you are in a rush, there is also an e-scooter zone immediately outside, where you can pick-up or drop-off the electric scooters that are dotted across the estate.

sir john mcdougal gardens near canary wharf

Sir John McDougal gardens

Westferry Rd, Isle of Dogs,

London E14 3SS

Located 10-15 minutes walk to the southwest of the financial centre, the waterside gardens provide a popular location for exercise with a large outdoor gym and plenty of open space for jogging.

Equally, views across the Thames towards Surrey Quays — accompanied by a covered bandstand, children’s play area and plenty of benches — make this a popular place for a more relaxed visit.

canary wharf farm looking towards Baltimore tower

Mudchute Park and Farm

Pier St, Isle of Dogs,

London E14 3HP

The largest urban farm in London, Mudchute park and farm is located around 15 minutes walk southeast of the Canary Wharf estate.

Great for connecting with nature, the charity-run farm welcomes petting and feeding of the surprisingly varied range of farm animals.

statue in millwall park near canary wharf

Millwall Park

Manchester Rd, Isle of Dogs,

London E14 3NQ

Immediately south of Mudchute park and farm — 15 minutes walk from Canary Wharf or easily accessed in 5 stops via Island Gardens DLR station — Millwall park is a Green Flag awarded park with a wealth of space and outdoor activities.

Cricket, football pitches, Millwall rugby club and an outdoor gym complements the green space, alongside two children’s play areas.

island gardens kiosk cafe and park near canary wharf

Island Gardens

Saunders Ness Rd, Isle of Dogs,

London E14 3EB

Often paired with Millwall Park, Island Gardens is a smaller and more formal riverside garden at the southern tip of the Isle of Dogs peninsula. This park encompasses 2.8 acres of green space.

This charming riverside park holds the modern day view of Greenwich featured in Canaletto’s famous 18th century painting, ‘A View of Greenwich from the River’.

Tower Hamlets — Island Gardens

Located adjacent to the Greenwich foot tunnel, the park provides seating areas, a café and kiosk alongside the famous view across the Thames to Greenwich.

royal greenwich park near canary wharf

Royal Greenwich

Greenwich, London SE10 8PU

(Canary Wharf side)

The most expansive park on this list Royal Greenwich Park provides a staggering 183 acres of green space, formal and informal gardens.

The furthest park from Canary Wharf on this list, the Greenwich foot tunnel means this park can be accessed on foot from Canary Wharf — around 2 miles or 45 minutes walk from the financial centre. However, the quickest way to access the park is via the DLR. Journeys from Canary Wharf DLR station to the Cutty Sark for Maritime station.

Other outside space near Canary Wharf

Aside from traditional parks, there are plenty of smaller gardens and riverside walks near to Canary Wharf to get some fresh air.

canary wharf crossrail place roof gardens illuminated at night

Crossrail Place roof gardens

Canary Wharf,

London E14 5AR

Continuing the theme from Jubilee Place and fitting green space into transport hubs, the development that houses Canary Wharf’s future Elizabeth Line station — Crossrail Place — contains one of London’s largest roof gardens.

The botanical gardens showcase the docklands history through the planting of previously imported global crops, and are lit up at night.

5 free things to do in Canary Wharf boardwalk seating area

Harbour Quay Boardwalk

Park Drive,

London E14

With the Canary Wharf Group’s expansion into a new residential area, known as Wood Wharf, the group have sought to make better use of the waterfront.

Harbour Quay Boardwalk is the first version of this vision, providing a wooden boardwalk area set to span 350 meters, in front of a public garden and outdoor gym.

Once fully developed, this area of the Canary Wharf estate will provide an additional 9 acres of parks and walks.

a view towards canary wharf from thames path

Thames Path

Section 3

(Tower Bridge to Greenwich)

The Thames path is a waterside walk spanning 79.5 miles across Central London. Section 3 of the path — map available here — depicts the section passing through Canary Wharf.

Easily accessed — simply walk west from anywhere on the estate until hitting the Thames — the waterfront path passes numerous points of interest. These include: King Edward Memorial Park, Shadwell Basin, and the cobbled streets of Wapping on this scenic route towards Tower Bridge.

The Thames path is also a great place to take in the skyline and capture some great views of Canary Wharf. The waterside route provides stunning views looking back towards the peninsula, with the reflections of waterside and ultra-tall buildings — Newfoundland and Landmark Pinnacle — stretching across the Thames.