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Welcome to the guides section of Canary Development.

There’s a broad selection of guides to Canary Wharf including:

It also includes blog posts covering commercial buildings in Canary Wharf — such as the new Crossrail Place station, and the worlds tallest Novotel!

If you are looking for information on development in the local area, most of the buildings covered are in the apartments to buy, or apartments to rent sections of this site.

If you would like any additional information about any of the guides — or any specific events covered — please feel free to get in touch.

canary wharf with snaking thames boat ride to tower bridge

Things to do with kids in Canary Wharf

There are plenty of things to do in Canary Wharf. But, it’s fair to say that at first glance, the area doesn’t appear particularly child-friendly. Canary Wharf was once solely packed with glistening skyscrapers, corporate offices, and high-end restaurants! However,…

cyclists ride through crossrail place bridge in canary wharf

Cycling in Canary Wharf

Embracing public transport and ditching the car, Canary Wharf, alongside the wider Isle of Dogs area, is awash with carshare schemes: public transport hubs, and even E-scooters. But there is one entirely carbon-free way of getting around, cycling! With the…

new build flats aspen in canary wharf directly in front of wardian london apartments

Read this before buying a flat in Canary Wharf!

With thousands of new apartments springing up across the Isle of Dogs, this corner of London is seeing a giant influx of residents. As a long-term resident, when I first looked at buying a flat in Canary Wharf I found…

canary wharf ice rink with embedded LED lights and overhead display

Canary Wharf ice rink

Pop-up ice rinks with scenic backgrounds of London’s most famous buildings are a family favourite, and arguably the best part of winter in London. From the Natural History museum; to Hampton Court Palace, Tower Bridge, and of course, Canary Wharf’s…

view of canary wharf from greenland docks in surrey quays

10+ things to do in Canary Wharf

While the dockland’s development might have once had a reputation for having little to do, 40 years of regeneration has sparked a wealth of activities. The once empty docks are now a buzzing community and in 2021, there are plenty…

kaleidoscope patterns in canary wharf summer lights festival 2021

Summer Lights festival

Arguably the most popular free event hosted by the Canary Wharf Group — the annual Winter Lights Festival — had a muted response this year due to Covid-19 restrictions. With a hot summer forecast, and in a continued drive to…

canary wharf e-scooter hire bay located in wood wharf residential district

A Complete Guide To Canary Wharf’s E-Scooters

Despite being a common site across London, private e-scooters remain illegal to use on the roads in the UK. As a result, London has fallen behind several global cities, where e-scooter hires from major brands such as Lime and Dott…

yinki ilori playing at canary wharf’s public basketball court

Pop-up Basketball at Canary Wharf

New for 2021, a collaboration with artist Yinka Ilori and the Canary Wharf Group brings a public basketball court to the area! In time for this summer’s heatwave, Canary Wharf’s basketball court opened at the end of May. It is…

amazon fresh canary wharf store in wood wharf water street

A guide to Canary Wharf’s new Amazon Fresh store

Filled with subterranean shopping malls, FinTech companies and driverless trains, tech-packed Canary Wharf continually has one eye on the future. The latest futuristic addition comes in the form of a checkout-less shop — Amazon’s fourth Amazon Fresh Store in the…

hot tub boat west india quay in canary wharf

Boats for hire in Canary Wharf

London is full of interesting things for a day out, and Canary Wharf is no exception. If you are looking for an alternative to the multitude of cafés, shops, and bars in Canary Wharf — hiring a boat certainly fits…