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Welcome to the guides section of Canary Development.

There’s a broad selection of guides to Canary Wharf including:

It also includes blog posts covering commercial buildings in Canary Wharf — such as the new Crossrail Place station, and the worlds tallest Novotel!

If you are looking for information on development in the local area, most of the buildings covered are in the apartments to buy, or apartments to rent sections of this site.

If you would like any additional information about any of the guides — or any specific events covered — please feel free to get in touch.

Leafy bar at Pergola on the Wharf

Pergola on the Wharf — Canary Wharf

2021 was a bumper year for Canary Wharf foodies. Cargo’s Market Hall food market opened, and the floating restaurant complex at the Water Pavilions is being fitted out for The London Project’s Canary Wharf opening later this year. Joining in…

canary wharf view of financial buildings with high salaries

Canary Wharf average salaries

Canary Wharf is a small private estate, famous for housing a considerable proportion of the U.K.’s banking and financial technology sectors. As a result, there are many questions surrounding who works there, and what they earn! One question that’s frequently…

market hall canary wharf streetfood

Canary Wharf Streetfood — Market Hall

Cargo at Crossrail Place is a new development immediately opposite the Canary Wharf Crossrail station bringing the streetfood market revolution to Canary Wharf. Alongside the 340,000 square foot of office space, the revamped building provides huge roof terraces, bars, a…

south quay canary wharf masterplan

South Quay Masterplan

There are plenty of new Canary Wharf buildings, and thousands of future homes in the pipeline. One key driver of the placement of new buildings across the Isle of dogs, are area masterplans. These masterplans provide a framework for areas…

camille walala crossrail place tunnel art

A guide to the Canary Wharf Art Trail

One surprising fact about Canary Wharf is that it has a huge amount of art and sculptures dotted around the estate. In fact, the Canary Wharf art trail is the largest outdoor art collection in London! At current count there…

canary wharf facts the group constructed the walkie talkie building at 20 fenchurch street

12 surprising Canary Wharf facts for 2021

Change happens in Canary Wharf — fast! Since the original 1985 masterplan for the disused area, development has continued relentlessly, and the area is hugely different to its docklands past. Here are 12 Canary Wharf facts highlighting just how different…

yifang taiwanese bubble tea canary wharf

Top bubble tea in Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf has a growing selection of food and drink, with many pop-up stalls and indoor and outdoor food markets! As a truly international area a great thing about Canary Wharf is the variety of food and drink on offer…

royal greenwich park near canary wharf

Parks near Canary Wharf

Despite London having a staggering amount of greenery — a 2011 UK National Ecosystem Assessment claimed 47% of the capital was made up of green space — any city can feel like a concrete jungle sometimes. If you’re looking for…